How We Do It

Our comprehensive sexual health curriculum is designed to clarify positive personal values, teach sexual health, develop assertive communication skills and promote healthy relationships.

Weekly workshops, social events and awareness campaigns open conversations about self-worth, friendship, dating, love, respect, abuse, boundaries, consent and sex. The powerful directives inspire young people to make informed decisions.

  • What I Stand For
  • Discovering self-worth and personal values
  • Good Communication
  • Being assertive
  • Boundaries
  • Setting personal limits
  • Control vs. Respect
  • Identifying qualities of a healthy relationship
  • Consent vs. Assault
  • Navigating rape culture
  • Safer Sex
  • Understanding choices and consequences
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • Defining double standards
  • Gender Norms
  • Exploring the impact of gender stereotypes on relationships
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Clubs on Campus
Workshop Series
Guys for Girls PACT
Clubs on Campus

Girls PACT fosters leadership. We encourage girls to take the initiative to start a Girls PACT Club on their school's campus. Club leaders are coached through the process of starting a Club, recruiting members and maintaining interest for the length of the school year. Weekly workshops and complementary events are facilitated by a trained professional.

Youth Leadership Team

Girls PACT Clubs on Campuses participants that truly embrace the values and culture of our movement are invited to join our Girls PACT Youth Leadership Team. The team is initiated with a 12-week project-based summer learning experience. The leadership modules are designed to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and self-management. Ultimately, the Youth Leadership Team serves as a focus group for new curriculum, a sounding board for upcoming events and field trips, a street team for recruitment, and a support staff for marketing and promotions. Members develop and enhance practical skills for the workplace.

Train-the-trainer Program

Girls PACT Train-the-Trainer Program grooms committed members of the Girls PACT Youth Leadership Team. Potential trainers are prepared to present information effectively, respond to participant questions objectively and lead activities that reinforce a safe space for learning.

Workshop Series

Girls PACT offers a menu of curriculum topics to meet the need of any high school, college or nonprofit agency. Our 15-hours of programming can be customized to fit your group of students, parents or educators. Workshops vary from a one day Saturday seminar to a weekly, semester-long class.  All workshop series are facilitated by a trained professional.

Guys for Girls PACT

We are NOT just for girls! Girls PACT is inclusive to young men. We believe in healthy relationships with ourselves, peers and partners, which often includes the male gender. Young women share space with the opposite sex at home, at school, at work and at play. Our innovative Guys for Girls PACT initiative invites young men to join the conversations on love, dating, sexism, sexual health, gender stereotypes, break-ups and abuse. If men and women are to co-exist, then both have to be equally educated.


Self-care is anything you do to maintain a healthy well-being. Girls PACT offers tools to promote safety and self-care, no questions asked.

Lyft rides

Whenever a member of our Girls PACT community finds herself in a precarious situation, she can call us for a ride to safety.

Treat Yo'self!

After attending a minimum of 25 Girls PACT workshops, participants are eligible for a one-time self-care experience in their time of need. Apply here.

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