Our Values

PACT has real, honest conversations with young people about real life and digital friendships, dating, conflict-resolution, relationships and consent, emphasizing the power of honoring self-worth.

Our comprehensive curriculum cultivates healthy relationships, on and offline. We inspire participants to embrace the statement: "I know my value as an individual. My thoughts and opinions are important. I deserve love and respect. The number of likes on my social media posts does not validate my worth." Our workshops are comprised of activities to nurture this attitude.

  • What I Stand For
  • Discovering positive personal values: Trust, honesty and respect are important in my relationships.
  • Good Communication
  • Practicing being assertive: I feel hurt and ignored when you leave me on read. Do you think you could respond when you read it?
  • Boundaries
  • Deciding personal boundaries: Friends with benefits is not my thing. I know I get emotionally attached and it probably won’t end well.
  • Expectations
  • Recognizing relationship expectations: I expect my partner to text me, “good morning” and “good night” because it’s cute and I like to know my partner is thinking about me.
  • Respect
  • Identifying qualities of a toxic relationship: My partner talks down to me in front of his/her friends.
  • Consent
  • Learning to ask permission: If you want something, you have to ask!
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • Examining the impact of double standards, gender stereotypes and the media on relationships: How does a "boys will be boys" mentality perpetuate rape culture? Does the media glorify toxic relationships?
  • FML!
  • Navigating real-life relationships and situations: This relationship is toxic and no longer serves me. How do I end it?
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Clubs on Campus
Workshop Series
Youth Leadership Team
Train-the-trainer Program
Clubs on Campus

We foster leadership! We want young people to start a Club on their high school or college campus. Leaders are coached through the process of starting a Club, recruiting members and maintaining interest for the length of the school year. Weekly workshops and complementary events are facilitated by a trained facilitator. Contact us to start a Club on Campus.

Workshop Series

We offer a menu of curriculum topics to meet the needs of any high school, college or nonprofit agency. Our 20-hours of programming can be customized to fit any group of students and may vary from a one-day Saturday seminar to a weekly, semester-long class.  All workshop series are facilitated by a trained professional. Contact us to schedule a Workshop Series

Youth Leadership Team

Our Youth Leadership Team opens enrollment every June. Youth may serve on the team from June – September, June – May or January – May. The team is initiated with a 12-week project-based summer learning experience. Participants develop such soft skills as accountability, teamwork, time management and communication, as well as work-related experience like marketing, promotions and event planning. Leaders are expected to host a Club on Campus at summer's end. Club presidents continue to receive weekly support and guidance throughout the school year.

Train-the-trainer Program

Our Train-the-Trainer Program readies facilitators. Potential PACT workshop leaders are groomed to present information effectively, respond to participant questions objectively and lead activities that reinforce a safe space for learning, all while embracing PACT culture! Contact michelle@girlspact.org to learn how to facilitate a workshop in your area!

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