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PACT has real, honest conversations with young people about real life and digital friendships, dating, conflict-resolution, relationships and consent, emphasizing the power of honoring self-worth.

Our comprehensive curriculum cultivates healthy relationships, on and offline. We inspire participants to embrace the statement: "I know my value as an individual. My thoughts and opinions are important. I deserve love and respect. The number of likes on my social media posts does not validate my worth." Our workshops are comprised of activities to nurture this attitude.

  • What I Stand For
  • Discovering positive personal values: Trust, honesty and respect are important in my relationships.
  • Good Communication
  • Practicing being assertive: I feel hurt and ignored when you leave me on read. Do you think you could respond when you read it?
  • Boundaries
  • Deciding personal boundaries: Friends with benefits is not my thing. I know I get emotionally attached and it probably won’t end well.
  • Expectations
  • Recognizing relationship expectations: I expect my partner to text me, “good morning” and “good night” because it’s cute and I like to know my partner is thinking about me.
  • Respect
  • Identifying qualities of a toxic relationship: My partner talks down to me in front of his/her friends.
  • Consent
  • Learning to ask permission: If you want something, you have to ask!
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • Examining the impact of double standards, gender stereotypes and the media on relationships: How does a "boys will be boys" mentality perpetuate rape culture? Does the media glorify toxic relationships?
  • FML!
  • Navigating real-life relationships and situations: This relationship is toxic and no longer serves me. How do I end it?
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PACT Teams
Workshop Series
PACT Ambassador
1-on-1 Self-Talk Coaching
PACT Teams

Team Leaders Wanted! Organize your friends for a Workshop Series that fits your schedule and interests! Young people ages 18-24 are encouraged to build a team of peers on their campus or in their community. Team Leaders are coached through the process of building a team, recruiting members, organizing a schedule, maintaining accountability, and facilitating curriculum. Team members may include friends, peers, classmates, co-workers, and the like, between the ages 18 and 24. Actual workshops may be facilitated by PACT staff member. Workshops may take place virtually or in-person. Team Leaders are eligible for a volunteer stipend. Contact us to learn more.

Workshop Series

We offer a menu of curriculum topics to meet the needs of any high school, college or nonprofit agency. Our 20-hours of programming can be customized to fit any group of students and may vary from a one-day Saturday seminar to a weekly, semester-long class.  All workshop series are facilitated by a trained professional. Contact us to schedule a Workshop Series

PACT Ambassador

Ambassadors Wanted! Join our Creative Team and execute a project-based initiative led by you! Ambassadors develop such soft skills as accountability, teamwork, time management and communication, as well as work-related experience like marketing, promotions, public speaking, graphic design, and event planning. Ambassadors are expected to challenge themselves and take risks. Past projects include YouTube Channel Host, Recruitment Lead, Tik Tok Content Developer, Podcast Host, Social Media Content Calendar. Ambassadors receive weekly support, guidance and mentorship throughout the 3-month project commitment. Ambassadors are eligible for a volunteer stipend. Contact us to learn more.

1-on-1 Self-Talk Coaching

"Change the voices inside your head…make them like you instead" (Pink, Fuckin' Perfect)

Work 1-on-1 with a trained Life Coach to transform your mindset! Founder and Coach Michelle Shegda specializes in relationships, wellness, limiting beliefs, personal values, goal-setting, anxiety management, college readiness and job skills. Coaching targets your unique skills and gifts to create strategies for navigating life.

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