May 15, 2020
May 2020 Newsletter


Marian B. Petersen Memorial Scholarship Winner!

It is with much excitement that we introduce, Skye Apao, the FIRST recipient of our memorial scholarship! Skye, a 4-year PACT participant and Co-President of our Club on Campus at Culver City High School in Culver City, CA, embodies the spirit of the award. We admire her courage to leave the state to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her decision is representative of her bold attitude to take calculated risks in the pursuit of her goals, just like Marian B. Petersen. We are humbled by the generosity of our donors. Thank you for making the $1000 scholarship possible!

If you are interested in supporting the fund, you can click HERE to donate. 

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WinnerSkye Apao

SchoolCulver City High School,'20

College: University of Hawaii at Manoa


What Skye says about us

PACT helped me recognize my value. I have learned how to love and accept myself without any validation from others. I mean, who else is going to love me, if I don't love myself? And, the communication tools we practiced in PACT will come in handy for keeping a long distance relationship while away at school. 


Words of Wisdom: Seize the moment! Enjoy your time with friends and try new things because you never know when that may be taken away. 


We are Zooming.

Our Clubs on Campus and Be Bold Workshop Series are happening virtually. PACT promises young people ages 16-24 a BOLD lifestyle! We are committed to this promise and continue to practice fearlessness in our digital endeavors. We encourage young adults to join us Tuesday - Friday at 3pmPST. If you want to get in on this, email us to join a Zoom meeting, start a new Zoom meeting, and/or be a guest at a Zoom meeting.  

Special Event

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AEG  is the world’s leading sports and live entertainment company. They proudly boast entertaining over 100 million guests a year, delivering innovation that inspires athletes, team, artists and fans. In essence, AEG "gives the world reason to cheer". PACT was cheering when they offered to host a Career Exploration Day for us. Three smart, talented, and creative professionals joined us on Zoom on Saturday, May 23 at 10am (yes, we logged on in our lounge wear over Memorial Day Weekend🤩)  to offer suggestions on education and career paths, as well as mentorship and networking. Despite the early call time, our participants were eager to engage, ask questions and solicit wisdom. Thank you AEG! 


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This month's topic: What is Self-Care?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In the midst of shelter-at-home, our emotions are on a never-ending roller coaster ride. We are coasting happy and hopeful one minute, fast and furious the next, confused and scared facing life's turns right after that. It has been quite exhausting! "Self-care" seems to be the hot buzz word for managing this mix of feelings. But, what does that mean? Like, if I binge watch my favorite show until 3:30 am, which, then causes me to sleep late, skip meals, miss class, and ignore my mom's request for help, is this really taking care of myself?  We explored this question and identified ways to make ourselves a priority. For some, self-care is communicating boundaries to family members; for others, it is practicing a hobby. Ultimately, it's learning to take care of ourselves in a way that makes us happy. Our Show & Tell: Baby Picture edition certainly reminded us to be unapologetically selfish when it comes to our mental health!       


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"Wow, I wish there was PACT for adults!", said lots of humans (ages 30+) over the years. You said it; we listened to it; and, now we are taking action. That's right, PACT for adults is coming this summer! We are revising content and choosing relevant topics to interest singles and couples alike. The hot discussions will be segmented by age to make sure ya'll can relate. If you are interested in PACT for adults, please click HERE to take our survey.          
Giving is not just about making a donation.It's about making a difference. 
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